Medical Laboratory Technology

Medical Laboratory Technology or Clinical Laboratory Science is one of the paramedical profession concerned with gaining knowledge of pathological investigation which confirm the diagnosis of disease and prevent from fatal impact. The course programme covers different subject like Biochemistry, Clinical pathology, Microbiology, Hematology, Blood Banking, Histopathology and Cytopathology, Lab management etc.

  • Employment Opportunities : Technician can work as Laboratory Technician, Lab Administrator, Scientific Officer , Clinical Researchers in Research Laboratory or Diagnostic Centre.

ECG Technician

ECG is a graphic record of electrical currents that are generated by heart muscles. It aids the Physicians, Cardiologist to detect the Pathology concerned with heart. ECG is prescribed as a routine test in health checkup. The students will learn basic Cardiac functioning.

  • Employment Opportunities : ECG technicians can work in private nursing homes, diagnostic centers, Multispeciality hospitals and can assist a Cardiologist.

Phlebotomy Technician

Students will learn blood collection from different site, understand assessory required for specimen collection and use of basic life support. They will learn the soft skills, telephone etiquettes, communication skill and quality assurance for techniques and its application.

  • Employment Opportunities : Phlebotomist will work as one of the health care team in hospitals and diagnostics centres.

Radiology & Imaging Technology

Students will learn science of producing medical images. Radiology includes technology of X-Ray radiation, ECG, ultra sonography, mammography, CT scan, MRI etc. This investigation reported by radiologist aid the physician, surgeon, pathologists to diagnose the diseases and helps in surgery.

  • Employment Opportunities : Radio technologist can work in Medical Imaging department of different Hospital, Polyclinic, Surgical home, diagnostic centre, at the patient bed side, operation theater and in any emergency, These newer technology aids in Health care facilities.

Pharmacy Assistant

One can work under the registered Pharmacist and in manufacturing of medicines.

  • Employment Opportunities : Under registered Pharmacist, one can work as part of a Pharmacy team. Any drug information, Interaction with patients / co – workers and health care professionals. They can work in manufacturing of medicine.

Assistant Diet Counsellor

Assistant Diet Counsellor, help in diet therapy to improve health in general. The goal of the counselor is to offer the client strategies for personal change using dietary analysis, body consumption analysis & health coaching.

  • Employment Opportunities : Diet counselling can provide accurate, individualized diet, nutrition counselling to patient at a hospital, clinic and other health care facility. They help in preparation of a diet plan according to preference of client .

Dialysis Technician

Kidneys are responsible for purifying our blood by removing waste, impurities and excess fluid from the body. It also controls blood pressure .The levels of chemical in the blood activate a form of vitamin D which improve the absorption of calcium.

When kidney cannot function due to disease or injury, dialysis can help the body to function normal. Dialysis is artificial replacement for damage kidney function (called as renal replacement therapy)

  • Employment Opportunities : Dialysis technician helps in positioning the patients to the machine, operate hemodialysis machine. Maintain record of pre and post dialysis patients. Fabricate parts such as cannulas testing, catheters, connectors etc.