What Student say

"Life at SCOPE (Suburban College of Paramedical Education) had made me to win the GEM (Going the Extra Mile) award in Suburban Diagnostics in March 2017. Its because of the kind of knowledge was above my expectation. They have groomed my personality and communication skills to the extend which I could stand in my life.

Mahesh Yadav S .Y.B.Sc MLT

I could learn and reach to this level because of the integrity of faculty, and advanced teaching methodology by experienced teachers and healthy environment. The kind of training and personal attention helped me to win the GEM (Going the Extra Mile) award at Suburban Diagnostics in March 2017.

Shweta Sawant T .Y.B.Sc MLT

I had never been exposed to know about the different courses by my school / family. SCOPE ripened me in all aspects. The kind of counselling and motivation towards Paramedical Healthcare course which they gave, I could select Diploma in Radiology & Imaging Technology course. After a year of course, I was trained at Suburban Diagnostics Lab with a stipend.

Suraj Bait Radiographer

I am from U.P and my communication skills was poor. At SCOPE, I joined Phlebotomy course for 3 months, in which I had done my training at Suburban Diagnostics. I gained lots of knowledge & developed personality & communication skills in myself. Further I got employment which helped me to support my family financially.

Kishorilal Mishra Phlebotomist