• Eligibility : 10TH/12TH/Degree


Dialysis technicians handle patients suffering from renal failure and kidney diseases. They work in dialysis centers and hospitals under the supervision of doctors and nurses. Due to kidney failure or diseases, a patient suffers from excess wastes and fluids in the blood which needs to be removed. Dialysis technicians remove the same by operating a dialysis machine effectively and efficiently. A dialysis technician needs to have a thorough knowledge of dialysis machine functions and interaction with human body.

career growth

  • Equipment setup including cleaning and sterilizing dialysis machine
  • Understanding safety precautions
  • Prepare patient physically for dialysis and explain the procedure
  • Measuring patient's vital signs before, during and after dialysis.
  • Administration of treatment to patients with kidney failure or chronic kidney disease using venipuncture.
  • Responsible for monitoring patients, checking blood pressure, and obtaining pertinent health information.
  • Handle stressful reactions from dealing with individuals who have chronic or end state kidney issues on a daily basis.
  • Alternately, some technicians may feel extremely rewarded by the small positives they can bring to these patients' lives with a smile and friendly conversation.


Dialysis technician job opportunities are growing as the population ages and more people require dialysis. Better healthcare, more awareness of benefits of fitness and diets are leading to increased life expectancy rate. Hence the role of dialysis technician is crucial in healthcare industry. He/she has job opportunities in private, government and corporate hospitals, nursing homes, nephrologist’s clinics, diagnostic centres.

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