• DURATION : 5 months
  • Eligibility : 10TH/12TH/Degree


Phlebotomy technicians are the people trained to draw blood from the circulatory system of a patient for clinical or medical testing, transfusions, donations, or research.

career growth

  • properly identifying the patient
  • interpreting the tests requested on the requisition
  • drawing blood into the correct tubes with the proper additives,
  • accurately explaining the procedure to the patients,
  • preparing patients accordingly,
  • practicing the required forms of asepsis,
  • practicing standard and universal precautions,
  • performing the skin/vein puncture
  • withdrawing blood into containers or tubes,
  • restoring hemostasis of the puncture site,
  • instructing patients on post-puncture care,
  • ordering tests per the doctor's requisition,
  • affixing tubes with electronically printed labels,
  • and delivering specimens to a laboratory.


A phlebotomist career is a great choice for someone who wants to work in healthcare but does not have time or money to attend an expensive postsecondary school.

Phlebotomists typically work in private and public hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres, physician’s office, blood banks and collection centres. There are numerous job opportunities for people with phlebotomy certification. It is one of the fastest growing career in medical field today. A good phlebotomist always has an opportunity to earn while learn and can reach higher supervisory positions by pursuing other courses simultaneously.

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