• Eligibility : 10TH/12TH/Degree


Radiology has been a distinct medical specialty with unique technical challenges from its inception. A Radiology technician uses diagnostic imaging equipment to help physicians diagnose illnesses and injuries. He or she may use X-ray equipment, Sonography machine, computed tomography (CT Scan), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or Mammography machine to perform x rays, sonography , CT scans, MRIs or mammograms. Through the use of equipments, Radiology technician produces images of internal organs, bones and other structures, for diagnostic and treatment purposes. They work under the supervision of and in cooperation with physicians and radiologists.

career growth

  • Adjust the equipment to ensure quality scan,
  • prepare patients for radiological imaging procedures,
  • follow safety precautions,
  • review patient records.
  • perform mammograms and fluoroscopies, which allow doctors to view the patient's soft tissues.


Radiology technicians have numerous job opportunities in private, government and corporate hospitals, diagnostic centres and imaging centres. He/she can work as X-ray technician, CT technician, MRI technician, Mammography technician. He / she can also specialize in certain diagnostic tests like mammography, bone densitometry, cardiac interventional radiography and vascular sonography. Some radiologic technologists advance their careers into radiation therapy. These therapists help treat severe conditions like cancer and other diseases by administering radiation treatments.

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